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God designed the mind to be a conduit for creativity, inspiration and strategy.  Yet the enemy would like to use our brains as soil to plant weeds of worry, fear, and turmoil.  What is often dismissed as stress and fatigue, is really anxiety.  Despite being a documented mental health condition, anxiety disorders are often swept under the rug, leaving too many to suffer in silence.  In this transparent account of her personal challenge with anxiety, Brelyn Bowman shares the tools that helped her overcome.  God’s desire is that we have the mind of Christ, operating in the divine peace that only He can provide. Through scripture, targeted prayers and personal revelation, Brelyn offers life changing insight on how to defeat anxiety and walk in freedom.


  1. Jaelynn (verified owner)

    I loved this book! As a person that deals with anxiety a lot Brelyn made me realize that God has me and that the enemy is trying to play tricks on my mind when that is not what God desired for my life in the first place. It has helped me go out there and get my healing, I have started counseling and I love every bit of it. Thank you Brelyn for this book and showing people how to overcome anxiety and giving everything over to Jesus!

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