The meeting of Brelyn Mya and Timothy Bowman, Jr. can only be described as a match made in heaven.  Though a common phrase, there is nothing common about them or their lives.  When Brelyn and Tim met, they were both young rising stars.  Brelyn owned a fashion and accessories boutique, had written two books, and was a minister-in-training under her parents and pastors, Drs. Mike and DeeDee Freeman. Tim was beginning his career as a gospel artist with much success under the tutelage of his well-known aunt and father , Vickie Winans and Tim Bowman Sr..  Though their paths were different, they were united by their individual commitments to honor God and to live a life of purity by remaining virgins until marriage.

Brelyn and Tim’s values weren’t their only connection.  After their initial meeting  at the Stellar Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, Brelyn could not stop talking about Tim’s killer smile, amazing personality, and incredible singing voice; and Tim could not stop thinking about the encounter he had with the most beautiful girl he had ever seen…”beauty and brains” just like his mama.  However, it wasn’t until a second-chance meeting at a special occasion that Tim and Brelyn began a relationship as very good friends, having a deep admiration for one another.  It’s clear that it was God divinely orchestrating their paths to cross again.

After long months, Brelyn and Tim bonded as friends until Tim could no longer wait to take their friendship to the next level.  Tim arranged to meet with Brelyn’s parents and nervously asked for permission to date Brelyn.  After a one hour conversation and frequent reminders from Brelyn’s father that he owned a gun, Tim got the green light to date his best friend.  Brelyn and Tim grew in love and never wanted to be without each other even though they lived in different states.  But they made their relationship work by keeping it fresh and exciting with surprise visits, weekly iChat dates, and lots of flowers and edible arrangements, until once again Tim could no longer wait to take their courtship to the next level.

A year and a half later, Tim once again made arrangements to meet with Brelyn’s parents, but this time it was to ask for permission to marry the love of his life.  On December 23rd, 2014, after a two hour meeting (notice the meeting time increased!), Tim got the green light again.  Completely unaware of this meeting, Brelyn jokingly texted a picture of her covenant ring to her friend two days later on December 25th saying, “this is the last time you’ll see this.”  Having no idea of what was about to happen or the significance of her words, Brelyn received the surprise of her life.  Tim proposed, getting down on one knee in front of his family, and saying with heartfelt words that brought a flood of tears to Brelyn’s eyes, “I can’t imagine my life without you. You would make me the happiest man alive if you’d become my wife!”

On October 10, 2015, Brelyn and Tim were married.  However, there was something just a little different about their wedding day.  In front of 600 guests at the wedding reception, Brelyn presented her father with a framed certificate of purity signed by her doctor, certifying that her hymen was still intact and she was still a virgin.  Her father, Dr. Mike Freeman, was honored as he and all the guests celebrated this special occasion.  Brelyn shared the momentus occasion on her Instagram page as she typically did with the many significant events of her life.  Well, let’s now fast forward to the explosion that ensued after Brelyn’s post went public.  When Brelyn and Tim returned from enjoying their honeymoon a week later, expecting business as usual, they finally turned on their phones not knowing that life as they knew it had changed.  They each received about 40 texts a piece from friends and family asking them if they heard the news.  What news?  Brelyn’s Instagram post about presenting her father with a purity certificate had literally gone viral overnight!  The response was both overwhelmingly positive and negative.  Two weeks after getting married and one week after returning from their honeymoon, Brelyn and Tim were on Good Morning America telling the world their story.  This interview was followed by a myriad of other television shows, radio shows and articles. (To read these stories, click on News.)  They are still traveling often to share their life with others. Tim now being a number gospel billboard artist and Brelyn being a best seller on Amazon. They are two of the most humble people you will ever meet, Brelyn and Tim made a decision to not “clap-back” at those who wrongly judged and ridiculed them, but instead show the world the love of God.  As stated earlier, there is nothing common about them or their lives.  They will tell you that the success they are experiencing is a direct result of their honor to God over the course of their lives.  Their message remains consistent…If you honor God, He will honor you.