Brelyn Mya Bowman, affectionately known as “Breeze,” is an author, minister and entrepreneur.  A prodigy in both the spiritual and natural, Brelyn’s wisdom and commitment to Christ has produced success beyond her years.

As the youngest child of Drs. Mike and Dee Dee Freeman, Brelyn was always taught to love and honor God and her parents.  At just thirteen years old, she made a commitment to her Heavenly Father and her parents to embrace purity and keep herself until marriage.  Though at times it became challenging, Brelyn’s genuine love for God and pursuit of holiness caused her to remain focused.  Almost ten years later on October 10, 2015, Brelyn wed gospel-recording artist, Timothy Bowman, Jr.  Both being virgins, their story went viral.  Since then, they’ve used their platform of Purity to share God’s plan for marriage throughout the world.

Brelyn’s passion and maturity have caused her to excel in entrepreneurship and ministry.  As the founder and CEO of Breezy’z Accessories (, she owns and operates an online women’s boutique. Brelyn is also a rising author, sharing her story and inspiration with all through books.  Drop it Like it’s Hot! Encourages young men and women to lay aside everything and pursue God’s holiness.  Her latest work, No Ring, No Ting shares her journey of purity and admonishes both single and married men and women to pursue and commit to purity.  A server at heart, Brelyn remains active in her local church, Spirit of Faith Christian Center, where she serves as the weekly Floor Director.

Because of her passion and stand for Christ, as well as her willingness to honor her parents, Brelyn is enjoying a life of spiritual and natural abundance.  She is truly living her best days. Brelyn is determined to fulfill her purpose as a living example of what God intended life to be.  Brelyn Bowman is simply put – a young woman who loves God and is committed to fulfill His assignment for her life.

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