The alarm clock goes off at 7:00am! We start our normal routine to the airport, and arrive there safely. We finally get through the hustle and bustle of TSA and onto the plane in just enough time before take off. Everything is going smoothly. I get a cup of orange juice,and Tim is closing his eyes. Then the pilot comes out! Oh no! I thought “this can’t be too good.” We were at the point of closing the door and ready to go.

The pilot explains there’s been a delay in our flight. He further tells us that the windshield just cracked in a few places and we would need another one before take off. So of course it was a little frustrating, but he’s not done yet. He lets us know that there’s no windshield in the DC area which means we’ll have to wait for a flight from ATL to leave in two hours. Then, once it arrives it will take another two hours to install and most certainly they’ll have to test to make sure everything was working properly. I’m certain you can understand my frustration and uneasiness. As we deplaned my husband was already on the phone with an airline representative, letting her know what is taking place. Meanwhile I was trying not to have a stank face (don’t judge lol) because now we’re rushing to catch our next flight if that’s even possible at this point.

In that moment I heard, “But you’re protected”. WHEW! Have you ever been checked by Holy Spirit and it almost brings you to tears? Here I was so frustrated that my day had been inconvenience and now I had to make adjustments to my trip. When Holy Spirit quickly reminded me that you can’t be so caught up in what’s happening that you forget to be grateful for what has already happened (no weapon formed against us shall prosper). He knows what’s going on in our day to day, and He has already protected us from the beginning to the end of time. The windshield could’ve easily been fine until we were in the air then it would’ve been an even more DANGEROUS problem but before we took off the problem was identified. See, the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy but every morning I pray “God I thank you for protecting me and my entire family from things seen and unseen.” My prayer activated my protection!

While I’m dealing with myself standing in a long line my husband was on the other side of the airport signaling me to come over. I get over and he already has two tickets taking us to my same destination! Imagine my gratitude when I heard the news. I was so excited because the previous flight was delayed 8 hours. I want to encourage you to never take His protection over our lives for granted. Never get so caught up in your frustration that Holy Spirit can’t check you. My mom would always say “Divine Delay” and it doesn’t mean denial. The Bible says that He has already predestined our lives. While something was going wrong in one place it was already alright in another. I urge you my brothers and sisters in all things be grateful for the more than 72 thousand angels that have been given charge to protect you at all cost from things seen and unseen!

With Love,
Mrs. B

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