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Brelyn Freeman (now Mrs Bowman) has been trending on social medial world-wide ever since she broke the net with her certificate of viginity which she presented to her dad on her wedding day. The happy and beautiful bride is delighted to #MakeJesusFamous with a covenant she made to God when she was 13 to remain a virgin till her wedding night.

Bride gives dad 'purity' certificate to prove she's a virgin

A Maryland bride presented her father with a "Certificate of Purity" at her wedding to prove she kept a promise she made to him as a 13-year-old. Brelyn Bowman pledged to her father, Michael Freeman, the founder and pastor of the Spirit of Faith Christian Center in Maryland, that she would remain a virgin until marriage.

Bride's Decision to Give Her Father a "Certificate of Purity" Sparks Controversy

When Brelyn Bowman got married Oct. 10, she did something at her wedding that shocked a lot of people and generated a storm of controversy around her ceremony, BuzzFeed reports. At the wedding, Bowman presented her father with a "certificate of purity," signed by her doctor, which guaranteed her hymen was still intact.

Purity certificate bride says she was tempted to break virginity pact

Brelyn Bowman, 22, appeared on Good Morning America on Friday to discuss the 'purity certificate' she gave her father at her wedding last week The certificate, a signed document by her gynecologist certifying her virginity, sparked an online debate Some supported her decision to wait until marriage while others criticized

This Bride Presented Her Father with a 'Certificate of Purity' to Prove Her Hymen Was Still Intact

@anacalderone 10/22/2015 AT 03:05 PM EDT A Maryland bride went above and beyond to prove she'd kept the purity promise she'd made to her father when she was 13 years old. At her Oct. 10 wedding, Brelyn Bowman presented her pastor father Mike Freeman with a "certificate of purity" signed by her doctor stating that her hymen was still intact.

Gospel Singer Tim Bowman Jr.'s Wife Stands by Her 'Purity Certificate'

After Brelyn Bowman announced that a doctor had signed off on a purity certificate that proved she was a virgin before her recent wedding to gospel singer Tim Bowman Jr., the act has been met with mixed reviews.

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