“Sister,” is that what you just called me? Am I really your sister and what exactly does that mean to you. Often times the word “sister” is used so lightly. I know what I mean when I call someone my sister because I have received my definition from the Word of God. Let’s take a look into what it really means to be a sister. The term sister’s keeper originally came from “brother’s keeper” in the Bible (Genesis 4). God asked Cain, “Where is your brother Abel.” This was right after Cain had just killed his brother out of a fit of rage and jealousy. Cain answered so boldly (and cocky if you will), “Am I my brother’s keeper?” For Cain to reply in that manner it is obvious that he understood his responsibility as a brother. God did not say he was his brother’s keeper, but Cain clearly knew he should have been.

Do you not know that when God turns and ask us a question that it is not because He doesn’t know the answer to the question? It’s because He’s trying to get our attention and present something to us. He wants us to identify a defining moment in our lives. To get us back to a place of revelation that we once walked in. No different with what he was trying to do with Cain. In this particular moment God wanted Cain to understand the magnitude of his dreadful decision to assassinate his brother. Cain had lost sight of the responsibility he once had to love and to protect his brother. God wanted to hold Cain accountable for that thoughtless decision. However, Cain rejected the accountability and went forward as if no wrong doings were done and only considered self. I can only imagine the torment that Cain had to be experiencing. I have a blood sister and the thought of me even hurting her with my words is painful to me. It may appear that Cain got away with murder but you know that is never the case. We know about the birth and murder of Able, and the exile of Cain, but it isn’t really clear about his death.

Unfortunately, like Cain some “sisters” have walked away from the responsibility to love and protect their sister. You may say I have never killed anyone but if you would walk back down memory lane for a moment and think about all of the sisters you have put your mouth on. Yes, that’s right you have assassinated many with your words. You too have walked away like you have gotten away with murder but the scripture is true that you will reap what you sow. We have been given a responsibility to be our sister’s keeper. Walk away from the mindset of Cain and be transformed to think like our big brother Jesus. Jesus would never kill His brother or sister.

Don’t allow yourself to become jealous, not holding yourself accountable to these three powerful words “My sisters keeper.” Perhaps you are like me and have been in church all your life. Or perhaps you are not like me and you are fairly new at this walk with Christ or maybe you don’t know Christ at all. Nevertheless, one word we hear so often is “SIS” and I cringe at times when someone calls me that. Before you jump to conclusions, I understand that we are sisters in Christ once you become saved. I have no problem with that. However, I do have a problem with using “Sis” to get only what you want out of others. In this day and age sis is used as an opportunity, and not as a privilege. It should be an honor to be in someone’s life to help him or her grow, to pull him or her up, to pray for them, to love on them, to cry with them and protect them.

Let’s start holding each other accountable to this righteous lifestyle. I need you my sister to pray me through. I need you my sister to help push my dreams up and not down. I need you my sister to make sure I am in the house of worship like I am supposed to be. I need you my sister to not pacify me when I am wrong, but step to me to make sure I get it right. Deal with that secret envy and jealousy you have in your heart today so, you can kill the mindset of Cain and not your sister.

I love you my SISTER!
Mrs. B

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