Have you ever driven a car, and it felt off? You know, driving the car, and it feels like it’s pulling to one side? Well, if you have felt that, you know it’s time to get an alignment. What does alignment even mean? I’m glad you asked – alignment – an arrangement in a straight line or correct or appropriate relative positions.

If you never get your car aligned, it can cause so many other problems and things to go wrong, which can be pretty expensive and cost you more than you wanted to pay. Brelyn, what are you talking about? Why are we talking about cars? Ok, I’m getting to it!

This year has been INTENSE, to say the least. We have all experienced change, whether for the good or bad. Whether we liked it or not. We have experienced it. Change can sometimes be overwhelming (if you’re like me, you have a love-hate relationship with growth). Things have just seemingly been “OFF,” and you’re looking for a chance just to breathe! That’s a sign that you need to be aligned. God is calling you back to a state/position in Him, so you’re able to fulfill the next seasons of your life. When you don’t get aligned on schedule (which should be daily for the believer, spending time with God), you start to notice how things around you begin to go south.

What I want to encourage you in is that God is not only aligning you for the assignment. He’s aligning the assignment. Everything you need – the people, tools, resources, and finances. He’s putting it all in plain view, so you’re able to pursue and overtake. This is “GO” season, and it’s time to get realigned and DRIVE BABY, DRIVE!

My heart and love is with you,

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