Hey There BB Tribe,

Happy Friday! You made it through the week, and it’s time to celebrate! I love a good party or celebration! Have you ever been invited to something and were excited when you accepted the invitation, but then the day comes, and you regret the fact you said yes? Yeah, me too! Especially now that I have children. No matter how much I love a good celebration, I regret my yes (sometimes). However, isn’t it crazy that once you get dressed, get there, and get involved, you start to forget your regret? You begin to have a glorious time no matter how you felt before, and you become happy/excited that you showed up, right? 

Well, that’s how it is with purpose. Every day I don’t feel like showing up and doing what I told God I was committed to; Not every day is an exciting, thriving day! Sometimes I feel like crap and regret the fact that I started something, and now others know I “RSVP’D.” You see that accountability…Sometimes you even want not to show up and not care what people think. I know this is a different format, but this morning I felt the need to encourage you to SHOW UP, REGARDLESS! No matter how you feel, no matter what’s going on, SHOW UP! Right now, you may have regret in your heart, but I PROMISE, if you keep going, you will be happy you kept your word! 

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