If you haven’t noticed, I use anything to get my point across! I’m hoping the blogs have been encouraging and uplifting!…. 

Every day I use this bucket to wash my kid’s face in the morning. I put soap and warm water in it..they both LOVE IT! It makes me smile, thinking of Sofie’s grin when the warm towel hits her face. Well, this particular night, I decided to use that same bucket to wash Sofie’s hair. I’m sure that doesn’t seem like a huge deal to you. However, I was washing her hair and went to use the bucket to pour the water on her head to rinse off the shampoo, and I kept noticing that it wasn’t rinsing well at all. It felt like I was adding more shampoo to her head instead of pouring water on it. After a few times…(crazy, right?), I finally looked in the bucket in saw that it was a bunch of soap in the bottom of the bucket from this morning… VIOLA! Of course, I washed it out and then continued with the process. 

Have you ever been there before? You know the “your, your own worst enemy”? Sometimes we can blame everything and everybody, and really it’s us! We’re the reason/reasons why we’re being held back. It’s not always intentional, but this is why we have to have self-awareness. Self-awareness is not something most people possess, believe it or not. Well, I’ll say it’s not something most people “grow.” The enemy loves somebody who won’t look at themselves and access a problem. He loves to make you think your actions are right when really they’re not. He’s allowing you to self-sabotage. The good news is we have a LOVING father, one who will show you yourself! 

Can you imagine me trying to still use that bucket without rinsing it and blaming the bucket? I know it sounds crazy, right? STOP BLAMING EVERYBODY ELSE FOR YOUR SOAPY AREAS (see what I did there?). I understand it happened to you, but what are you going to do to change your life and FIGHT BACK? Fight like a GIRL! You’re strong, and you’re beautiful, you’re AMAZING! 

Sometimes we try to override the process, sometimes we act like things aren’t there, or sometimes we just don’t ever check for progress, so we stay in the same place. Today my heart is that you take a moment (or ten) and acknowledge where you are, where you are falling short (don’t dwell here because you’re freaking awesome), and lastly, where you want to go! It’ll change your life and thinking! 

My heart and love is with you, 

Mrs. B. 

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