After my workout, I was driving home. I noticed on my side-view mirror a fly….immediately I said to myself, “little fly you better fly away now” (I chuckled at the thought of trying to spare his life)…

Continuing on my journey home, I saw that the fly decided to stay on the window (stay with me, I’m going somewhere)…a little history, it’s not many “stops” from the track to the house. It’s pretty straight through, so my initial thought was, “he’s not going to see the end”…Playing with the fly, I tried to keep a steady speed to help him, but when I realized he could handle more, I increased my speed. The wings were just flapping and flapping, and you could tell the pressure got stronger and stronger. Although the pressure hit stronger and it seemed as it the little fly wouldn’t make it out…HE MADE IT. The fly made it to the first stop sign! I was SO surprised, but immediately I heard..” the closer you get to the promise, the harder it gets”…..

Sometimes we give up right before the promise. Yes, I know it’s hard, yes, I know it hurts but is it worth not seeing the promise? All your blood, sweat, and tears? You didn’t get this far by quitting, and you got this far because you fought! No matter how challenging situations around you get, you have to hold on to the promises of God. Your wings maybe tired and flapping all over the place, but one thing for sure is God’s word never changes. He’s the same today, yesterday and forevermore. And that my friends you can take to the bank! I pray that you see you’re worth your promise. I pray that you understand that peace doesn’t mean the absence of pressure, but it’s the inward peace that sustains you through the pressure. Your best days are ahead….hold on little fly..hold on… 

My heart and love is with you, 

Mrs. B 

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