What’s your favorite day of the week? Mine is SUNDAY! I love Sundays because it’s family day, and it’s church day! We always tend to eat out on Sunday. This one particular Sunday, Tim, my husband, was extremely hungry and ready to go (maybe that’s every Sunday, but who’s keeping track)? He was astonished that I didn’t have Sofie and Creswell ready. (Honestly, I wasn’t rushing. I was too tired and over it). Anyways, Tim finished getting Sofie together so fast, before I knew it they were in the car and all packed up. As a mother, I couldn’t believe it was happening (yes, he told me he had everything, and I still doubted). I know you’re judging me, stop it. 

Immediately, as I begin to finish getting out of the house, I could hear the enemy taunting me about how slow I was, and how I’m just a disappointment and should give up trying to be a good mom and wife. He started to attack who I was by comparison. He wanted me to feel like a failure, and it took me a second, but I shut that mess down! (To keep your peace, you have to use the word of God to shut the enemy up.) 

Fast forward to us, finally getting out of the house and seated at the restaurant. I was getting situated and wiped down the high chair, etc., to put Sofie in. Well, as I lift Sofie, I realized that her jumpsuit wasn’t snapped at the bottom. So here I am trying to snap her jumpsuit and put her in the chair (mamas know how difficult this can be). I grudgingly put her in the seat and was just looking at him like dude, and she’s a girl. Make sure my baby is together. We laughed it off, but it was a big deal to me. You know why?….because he didn’t finish. 

Not just that, the Holy Spirit spoke to me at that moment and said,” you see why the spirit of comparison doesn’t tell the full truth?” THIS!! Hit me like a ton of bricks, (omg) how often do you find yourself comparing to another person? I’m sure you have once or twice. Do you know why the spirit of comparison is so bad? Because someone always loses, and majority of the time, it’s you. I sat there, comparing everything about me only to realize he didn’t complete the job. It looked together, and it was faster; it was seemingly right but incomplete. The moral of the story is, stop comparing yourself to other people. You don’t know what they haven’t completed. You measure their Instagram post up to your real life. 

It’s so vital that you and I decide we’re going to keep our eyes on our race and not the person who finished first. Am I saying that everyone doesn’t finish the job? By no means, but I am telling you, you don’t know their story and you don’t have too! Keep going and doing what you’re supposed to do. Treat people right, get a plan, and head forward. Your destiny awaits you, and the enemy would love to steal time from you by comparing yourself to others. I pray that you know that you’re beautifully made, and God has a perfect plan for your life. 

My heart and love is with you, 

Mrs. B

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