Welcome to my blog!
I’m so grateful that you decided to take a moment out of your life to visit my site! I’m excited about being able to share with you what’s on my mind and in my heart. I know there will be something that will bless you tremendously throughout the course of my posts!

Here’s a short review of what to expect from BrelynBowman.com:

Encouragement – even the strongest person could use some encouragement.  My prayer is that your time here will be a breath of fresh air, leaving you motivated to go into the world with renewed strength and focus.

Sisterhood – we need each other!  I’m a firm believer that women can get along.  In fact – we must!  We’ve been uniquely crafted by God and need each other’s support.

Community – technology makes the world a little smaller, allowing us to connect with like minds across the globe.  I pray that by being connected to this site, you’ll form new, lasting relationships with ladies you wouldn’t have met otherwise!

I look forward to sharing pieces of my life with you.  For we know that through the testimony of others we overcome! I know I have been impacted by many and now is my time to pay it forward so we can keep the cycle going. But don’t be shy! I’d love to interact with you so say hello and share where you’re from! I’m excited to love, live and learn with you all as we journey in our purposes in Christ!
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