We all need assistance to become the best of who God intended us to be. Brelyn Bowman is just the person to guide you on this challenging but rewarding journey. Armed with all the necessary credentials, this fascinating speaker, entrepreneur, talk-show host, author, wife, and friend, will host a 5-week course to teach you how to elevate your life from where it is today to your next dimension.

Get ready for a transformative experience as Brelyn provides an in-depth and transparent review of her book, No Ring No Ting, an extensive guide for those who are ready to learn what it means live a life of purity. Whether you’re single, married, divorced or something in between, this bootcamp is for the young, middle-aged, or seasoned woman who is ready for change, by taking the necessary steps to truly honor God with her words, actions, and choices. With her “let’s keep it real” style, Brelyn is honored to carefully instruct you and lovingly assist you with this mission.

Prepare yourself to laugh, cry, be challenged, and inevitably grow in every area of your life.

Often times we hear more about what we can’t do verses what we can do. Brelyn wants to open your heart  to experience all that God has for you on your path to purity. Embark on a 5-week journey as she unravels her book No ring No Ting through an interactive online course.